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Our Mission

At Negotyum, we are driven by the belief that everyone with ambition and determination deserves the opportunity to thrive in business, regardless of their background, education, or resources.

We accomplish this by relentlessly developing innovative technologies, including our cutting-edge free AI-powered business idea evaluator for early-stage entrepreneurs, and also providing expert consultancy services to established corporations and start-ups.

With a team of experienced consultants who have honed their skills at renowned companies like Ferrari, Mercedes AMG Formula One Team, and Toyota, we are committed to paving the way for remarkable achievements.


Join us and prepare for success!

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Our Story

Our story began with a big dilemma that led to an exciting entrepreneurial journey. It all started when our Founder and CEO, Ander Lujambio, found himself faced with unexpected extra profits from his previous company, Baque Epic (Exit in 2018). This windfall came as a result of the tourism boom in the beautiful city of San Sebastián, Spain, back in 2017-2018. Unsure of what to do with these profits that were not forecasted, Ander embarked on a quest to evaluate and rank various investment opportunities and business ideas.

Armed with his professional and business knowledge acquired from working with renowned companies such as Toyota and Ferrari, as well as his Engineering and Executive MBA education, Ander developed complex predictive models and algorithms to evaluate the financial viability of business ideas and investment opportunities. Little did he know that this passion project would evolve into something much greater.

The turning point came when Ander visited the prestigious business incubator, We Work Labs, in Cologne, Germany. Surrounded by brilliant minds and innovative thinkers, he realized that his project had the potential to become a viable SAAS solution.

In 2021, after three years of tireless development and refinement, Ander returned to his roots in the picturesque Basque Country, specifically San Sebastián, to officially launch Negotyum as a fully operational business. However, he didn't stop there. Ander recognized the need to diversify and expand the company's offerings, leading to the creation of additional verticals, such as Negotyum Consulting and the business plan marketplace.

Now, in 2023, Negotyum finds itself in an exciting phase of growth. We are dedicated to building a team of highly competent professionals who share our vision and passion for providing innovative solutions. Our reach extends far beyond the local landscape, as we proudly serve businesses both nationally and internationally. With clients spanning various industries, including construction, automotive, e-commerce, technology, and IT, Negotyum continues to make its mark on the global business stage.

Our Team & Collaborators


Ander L.

Fundador & CEO


María de los Ángeles C.

Notion Expert


Tom Valdez



Crisley M.

Content Manager & Copywritter


Lisa Rose

Admin. de producto


Ale Gomez

Asistente de Atención al Cliente


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