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Business Idea Assessment Technology for 
Investors, VC´s & Banks

Investors, Business Angels, and Credit Institutions receive numerous proposals from people seeking investment daily. This time consuming and difficult process means it is easy to miss interesting business opportunities.

Negotyum’s specialist algorithm filters the good business ideas from the bad, so you can focus on investing in only the best opportunities.

Better investment decisions happen faster with Negotyum.

✓ No credit card is required.

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Investment evaluation made easy

Our bespoke filtering system rapidly provides the information that matters most. 

Obtain Rational Data for Better Investments

Improve the hit rate and Win/Loss ratios. Analyse the risk rationally,  and spot the strengths and weaknesses of potential investments.

Save Time & Resources Shortlisting Ideas

Shortlist the best ideas and save time by only meeting with the best entrepreneurs.

Centralized & Standardized Proposals

Avoid wasting time and energy on sorting out the proposals that you get via, email, telephone, business cards or even requests to have a coffee!

Instead, collaborate all your proposals from entrepreneurs clearly in one single place.

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Promote your firm on
Negotyum Investors Network

Negotyum Enterprise customers are able to promote their firms on Negotyum Investors Network with no extra charge.

Our Investors Network enables you to receive countless amounts of ideas from entrepreneurs worldwide at a click of a button.

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Want to know more about Negotyum ?

If you have any questions or you require a "tailor-made" solution, do not hesitate to contact us.

Negotyum algorithm can be adapted to the criteria and metrics of the investor and we can also add it to your website as a white-label feature.

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