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Business idea evaluator for entrepreneurs

Starting up and scaling up a business is an extremely exciting but risky adventure. At time full of important decisions, let Negotyum lead the way. 

With its predictive models and advanced algorithms, Negotyum, provides rational data to help entrepreneurs minimize the risk and make better business decisions.

✓ No credit card is required. Get started free and upgrade as you grow

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Validate ideas & Improve business plans

Our bespoke filtering system rapidly provides the information that matters most. 

Control Risk & Maximize Profit

Improve the hit rate and Win/Loss ratios. Analyse the risk rationally,  and spot the strengths and weaknesses of your business ideas.

Take advice while keeping ideas safe & Confidential

Get feedback regarding your ideas without having to share them with the world.

This system lets you know quickly the elements of your business that require improvement as well as those which are already a great success.


All the advice without the possibility of someone running away with your idea. Negotyum does not need the secrets of your business to work!

Kill negative emotions & predict your chances to succeed

Avoid wasting time and energy on creating numerous charts and graphs to present to investors. 

Instead collaborate all your proposals for investors clearly in one single place and know instantly your chances of success. 

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Designed for Everyone, Refined for You.

Negotyum's algorithm is designed to provide accurate financial results
for a wide variety of industries.

Painter at Work
Cafe Owners
Hair Stylist
Leasing a Home
Confident Mechanic with Motorcycle
  • Art Industry

    • Artists

    •  Musicians

    •  Merchants & art agents

  • Beauty Industry

    • Hairdressers 

    • Beauty Salon

  • Café, Icecream shop
    or bakery


  • Consultancy

  • Contracting & Construction Industry

    • Plumbers

    • Electricians

    • Painters

    • Carpenters

  • Human resources

  • Marketing industry

  • Real State

  • Restaurants, Bars & Pubs

  • Retail traders

  • Self-service vending Machines

  • Takeaway food shop

  • Tech Startup

  • Transport & Mobility

  • Vehicle dealership

    • Bikes

    • Cars

    • Vans

    • Boats

  • ​Vehicle rental

    • Bicycles

    • Cars

    • Vans

    • Boats

  • ​Wholesale

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Negotyum investors network

Connect with investors around the world who are actively
supporting ideas and bussiness like yours.
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Want to know more about Negotyum ?

If you have any questions or you require a "tailor-made" solution, do not hesitate to contact us.

Negotyum algorithm can be adapted to the criteria and metrics of the investor and we can also add it to your website as a white-label feature.

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