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Sell Your Business Plans with us & Earn Money

Complete the following form to start sharing and selling your business plan. Some entrepreneurs earn more than 500$ a month selling a single business plan.

Once you submit your application with the business plan attached, our experts will revise all the details. Then, in 24-48 hours, your business plan will be available for purchase. All the entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world will have the chance to buy it! 
A single user is allowed to upload an unlimited amount of business plans, do not be shy!

Once you start selling, we will send you a monthly report of your sales and we will transfer funds to your bank account.

Share your plan and start earning! 

Upload business plan & Notion Templates

1- Complete the fields with accurate and attractive information

2- Be wise with the pricing

3- Use a an attractive picture & upload all the relevant files

Upload Business plan
Upload Financial plan
Upload Negotyum Report
Thanks for submitting!
Processing & approval of your documents might take up to 72 hours
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