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Negotyum at the Dubai Fintech Summit 2023


Negotyum embarked on an exciting journey to Dubai to participate in the renowned Dubai Fintech Summit, a trade fair for business, technology, and finance. The event brought together industry leaders, ranging from titans of traditional finance and cybersecurity experts to cryptocurrency visionaries. Notably, Brian Armstrong, the acclaimed CEO and founder of Coinbase, was among them, along with representatives from central banks in various Asian countries and the United States.

It was a privilege to witness the interaction of diverse actors from different industries. The fusion of traditional finance with cutting-edge innovations such as crypto assets created a fascinating synergy.

The topic of venture capital and its future was widely debated. Over the past year, investment in startups has experienced a significant setback, making the landscape challenging for emerging companies seeking funding and prompting investors to demand greater assurances.

The organization of the fair was impeccable. The event took place at the world-renowned Jumeirah complex, adjacent to the iconic Burj al Arab Hotel, in a truly spectacular setting.

The booths showcased numerous startups from the Middle East, and although the attendance was significant, it never felt overwhelming. The conference hall was simply impressive, with huge screens, high-quality sound, and exceptionally comfortable seating, allowing attendees to enjoy hours of engaging talks.

Furthermore, the event provided top-tier catering, which we hadn't experienced before at similar events like the Web Summit in Lisbon or the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We all know that networking thrives around food and beverages, and we experienced it firsthand by establishing valuable connections with potential clients from countries we hadn't explored yet, such as the United Arab Emirates and Israel, among others.

Despite our intensive work schedule, we found time to explore the fascinating city of Dubai—a truly spectacular place exuding ambition and a thirst for success. It has firmly established itself as one of the world's leading business centres.

We invite you to visit the official website of the Dubai Fintech Summit at and join us next year. We will undoubtedly be returning!

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