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✓ No credit card is required. Get started free and upgrade as you grow

Negotyum Business Idea Test is the ultimate Business Idea Evaluator with AI,  the go-to platform for entrepreneurs to quickly and securely evaluate the quality, risk, and financial viability of any business idea online and for free.

Validate & Optimize any Idea

Reduce Risk

Keep the idea Confidential


✓ No credit card is required. Get started free and upgrade as you grow

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AI to Test Business Ideas

The Negotyum app uses advanced algorithms to deliver precise business insights. The Negotyum Score (0-10,000) combines user input and industry data, evaluating over 100 factors such as industry type, scalability, investment ratios, turnover, and product margins.

Risk & Quality Score

Break-even Analysis

Profit & Loss Forecast


Fixed & Variable Costs (Inc. Hourly Rate)

Profit Margins

Loan & Debt Quality Analysis

✓ No credit card is required. Get started free and upgrade as you grow

Key Features

Control Risk & Maximize Profit

 Analyse the risk rationally,  and spot the strengths and weaknesses of your business ideas


Take advice keeping ideas safe & secret

Get feedback on your ideas without sharing them publicly. Quickly identify what needs improvement and what is already successful. Negotyum provides all the advice without the risk, keeping your business secrets safe.


Kill negative emotions 

Evaluate and compare all your business ideas rationally, rank them from the best to the worse and kill all your doubts and negative emotions.


Get Started in Three Steps


Register  & Answer

It only takes 8 minutes. Answer the guided questions and reflect about your business idea.


Get the results

Visualize the strengths and weaknesses of your business idea on the Negotyum Dashboard.



Make the changes on the right direction, optimize and prepare your Business Idea for Success!

✓ No credit card is required. Get started free and upgrade as you grow

Learn What  NEGOTYUM is and How It Works

  • What is the Negotyum Business Idea Evaluator?
    The Negotyum Business Idea Evaluator is an innovative tool designed to assess and improve business ideas. It helps entrepreneurs reduce risk, evaluate the quality of their concepts, and simulate potential profitability before investing any money. By analyzing various financial aspects, it provides a comprehensive evaluation of the financial viability of a business idea.
  • How do I get started with the Negotyum Business Idea Evaluator?
    To get started, visit the Negotyum website and click on the Business Idea Test button. Follow the instructions to submit your business idea and relevant information.
  • How does the Negotyum evaluation process work?
    The Negotyum evaluation process is straightforward and user-friendly. First, you register on the platform. Then, you answer the questions in the questionnaire, providing detailed information about your business idea. The algorithm processes this data and calculates the results, displaying them in an attractive and clear dashboard. From there, you can easily see how good or bad your idea is, and you can edit and fine-tune it to improve its potential for success.
  • How does the Negotyum Business Idea Evaluator reduce risk?
    The evaluator reduces risk by thoroughly analyzing your business idea using established financial formulas, weighted averages, and a combination of benchmarks. This detailed analysis helps identify potential weaknesses and strengths, giving you a clear picture of the financial viability of your idea before you invest any resources.
  • Can I evaluate as many ideas as I want and change them as many times as I want?
    Yes, you can evaluate and modify as many business ideas as you want. The free data, including the Negotyum score and risk score, will be available forever. The advanced data provided with a subscription will be accessible as long as your subscription is active.
  • Is there a cost to use the Negotyum Business Idea Evaluator?
    Yes, the basic evaluation, which includes the Negotyum score, risk score, suggestions, strengths, and weaknesses of the business idea, is free. However, access to more advanced data, such as profit margins, hourly costs, breakeven points, and other detailed financial metrics, requires a monthly subscription of €99.
  • What aspects of my business idea does the evaluator assess?
    Negotyum mainly focuses on the financial viability of your business idea. It evaluates key financial metrics, potential profitability, and overall quality. However, it’s important to note that successful execution depends on a competent team and employees, which is beyond the scope of the evaluator.
  • How does the Negotyum algorithm work?
    The Negotyum algorithm uses conventional financial formulas, weighted averages, and a combination of many benchmarks to score business ideas. This systematic approach ensures a thorough and unbiased evaluation, helping you understand the financial prospects of your business.
  • How is AI used on Negotyum?
    Currently, AI is used to calculate the scores that each industry should have in order to evaluate the risk and quality of business ideas. However, over time, AI will be integrated into more features. For example, AI will enhance the suggestions provided, allowing for a more interactive and user-friendly approach to the displayed data. This will make it even easier for users to understand and act on the insights provided by Negotyum.
  • What is the Negotyum Score?
    The Negotyum Score indicates the financial viability and potential success of a business idea. A higher Negotyum Score suggests a greater likelihood of securing financial funding from investors or banks. Use the Negotyum Score to your advantage to gauge the strength of your business concept and improve your chances of success.
  • How does Negotyum obtain the Score?
    Negotyum uses advanced algorithms, predictive models, and proven financial formulas to generate accurate and valuable results for your business decisions. The Negotyum Score is derived from the data each user inputs into the questionnaire, as well as proven statistical data for each industry. The Negotyum Score ranges from 0 to 10,000 points and is determined by analyzing over 100 variables. These include industry type, business scalability, the ratio between required investment and fixed costs, expected annual turnover, and product margins, among others. This comprehensive analysis ensures a detailed and reliable evaluation of your business idea.
  • Can Negotyum help established businesses or is it only for startups?
    Negotyum is useful for both startups and established businesses. For startups, it helps evaluate and refine new business ideas. For established businesses, it can be used to assess new ventures, expansions, or pivots to ensure financial viability before making significant investments.
  • Is Negotyum suitable for all types of businesses?
    Yes, Negotyum can evaluate a wide range of business ideas across various industries that aim to be profitable. The tool is designed to be flexible and comprehensive, making it useful for entrepreneurs in diverse sectors seeking to understand the financial viability of their ideas.
  • How long does it take to get the results from the evaluator?
    The results are calculated instantly, taking only a couple of seconds. Completing the questionnaire, if you know the answers, takes about the same time as booking a flight online—approximately 8 minutes. If you don't know all the answers immediately, you can save your progress and continue later. We strongly recommend reflecting on all the questions in the questionnaire, as they are crucial for your business success.
  • Does Negotyum ask specific questions about my business idea?
    No, Negotyum does not require detailed information about what and how you plan to execute your business idea. Instead, it focuses on key financial aspects. The questionnaire asks for numbers and potential data related to financial viability, such as investment needed, fixed costs, product margins, and other relevant financial metrics. This allows Negotyum to assess the financial strength of your idea without delving into specific operational details.
  • How can I trust the results provided by Negotyum?
    Negotyum’s team comprises experienced consultants with backgrounds from renowned companies such as Toyota and Ferrari. The evaluator uses established financial methodologies and industry benchmarks, ensuring reliable and unbiased results. However, it is always advisable to use these results in conjunction with other professional advice and due diligence.
  • How accurate is the evaluation provided by Negotyum?
    The accuracy of the evaluation depends on the quality and completeness of the information you provide. Negotyum uses reliable financial methodologies and benchmarks to ensure a thorough analysis. However, as with any tool, the results should be used as a guide alongside other professional advice.
  • Can the evaluator guarantee the success of my business?
    While the Negotyum Business Idea Evaluator provides a detailed financial assessment and helps reduce risk, it cannot guarantee success. Successful execution requires a competent team, effective management, and dedicated employees. The evaluator offers valuable insights to guide your decisions, but the outcome ultimately depends on your execution.

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✓ No credit card is required. Get started free and upgrade as you grow

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