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Technology to build great businesses

Negotyum provides consultancy, resources and technology to test, improve & trade business ideas in an efficient & safe manner.

✓ No credit card is required. Test your ideas for free and upgrade as you grow.

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Our solutions

Negotyum provides solutions, resources and technology to test, improve and trade business ideas accurately and safely.

Neogtyum Consulting also offers Project Management, Business Development and Web Design consultancy services to help businesses grow and improve their digital presence.

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Designed for Everyone, 
Refined for You.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, analyst or investor, Negotyum will help you optimize your business ideas and reduce the risk of your investments.

Business owners

Startups & Entrepreneurs


Business angels & Investors

Banks & investment funds

Incubators & Coworkings

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Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Negotyum is growing at a fast pace and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and organizations to create viable and sustainable businesses worldwide.


What Our Clients Say

Negotyum has helped me structure and optimize both the prices and the finances of my business.
It made my life easier turning my business idea into a real business.

Jon o.
Electricidad Santos

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Very pleased with the work of "Negotyum". I like how clearly shows the data, the strengths and the weak points of my business. 
“Negotyum” makes your business even stronger. 

Oleksandra M.

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As an entrepreneur “wannabe”, Negotyum helped me rank my ideas and identify the ones with the most chances to succeed. I fully recommend to every entrepreneur with more than a sigle business idea.

Jon B.
3DB Project

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With Negotyum, starting a new business is easier than ever.
Try Negotyum now & prepare for success!


✓ No registration needed for demo mode

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