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Negotyums AI-Powered Business Idea Assessment Technology

The insights into what Negotyum algorithm does and how it does it

Introducing Negotyum Technology

Negotyum provides technology to test and improve business ideas quickly, accurately and safely.



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Business Idea Evaluators with AI

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What is the Negotyum Score?

The Negoyum Score indicates how financially viable any business idea is and its chances of success.​Find out and use it to your advantage. The higher the Negotyum Score, the more likely you are to secure financial funding from investors or banks. 


How does Negotyum obtain the Score?

Negotyum uses advanced algorithms, predictive models and proven conventional financial formulas to generate accurate and valuable results for your business decisions.

The Negotyum Score is obtained from the data that each individual user inputs into the questionnaire and also from proven statistical data for each type of industry. 

The Negotyum Score index ranges from 0 to 10000 points and is determined by analysing more than 100 variables including the industry, the business' scalability, the ratio between required investment, fixed costs, and expected annual turnover and the product margins to name a few. 

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Negotyum Features

The data provided by the Negotyum algorithm helps entrepreneurs and investors to make better decisions faster

Quality & Risk Scores

The indicators show the risk, financial viability, and quality of the business ideas of all your candidates. The metrics can be customized to meet your criteria.

Break-Even Analysis

Break-even point calculation according to the Unitary Product Margin and Costs.

Customizable Questionnaire

Business angels, banks, and investors can customize the scoring system and metrics to filter and dismiss ideas that do not match their standards and criteria.

All the Opportunities on a Single Page

Compare, filter and analyze all the business ideas on a single page

Profit & Loss Expectations

Predict the projected annual profit and loss of any business idea.


Turnover Predictions

Predict the  annual turnover of any business idea

White Label Solution

For enterprise clients Negotyum will be fully integrated on the clients website or system.


Gain Visibility and Promote your Fund

Enterprise users can promote their firm on the Negotyum investors Network.

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