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Download Business plans and Notion Templates in a few clicks and start up fast!

The Negotyum business plan marketplace allows entrepreneurs to help each other sharing high-quality business plans for a wide variety of industries and languages.

Latest Business plans & Notion Templates

High-quality Editable Business Plans to Impress Banks and Investors


Over 100 editable business plans & Notion Templates to impress banks and investors!

Find the business plan that adapts best to your industry, location and language and impress your bank and investors!

Stop wasting your time writing a business plan from scratch

Writting a business plan from scratch is tedious job and it does not always turn as accurate as expected. Take the plans of others as reference and complete you plan x10 faster!

Save money on business consulting services

The business plans you can find in the Negotyum Marketplace are written by business experts and active entrepreneurs. Save the cost of hiring an expensive business consultant to help you with the business plan.

Do you already have a quality business plan?
Earn over 500$ just by sharing your plan

Negotyum Marketplace allows entrepreneurs and consultants to sell their high-quality business plans.

Our marketplace enables you to earn money by uploading your business plans to help future entrepreneurs worldwide start-up their businesses.

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Browse thru hundreds of business plans and Notion Templates and download the one that adapts best to your needs!

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